Donor Registration Policy

Number:  5.1


  1. All policies, processes, and procedures must comply with Qatari, HMC, and applicable accreditation standards (i.e. AABB, CAP, ISO, and JCI).
  2. All prospective donors must show an approved identity document with picture (e.g., Qatari ID, other GCC ID, passport) that confirms their identity with a unique alphanumeric identifier.
  3. All positively identified candidates will be assigned a Hematos donor ID if they do not already have one.
  4. All donors with the previous old donor ID will be assigned a Hematos donor ID.  All future donations will be done using the Hematos ID.
  5. All positively identified candidates must be checked in the donor deferral database.
    1. Only those without contraindications may be accepted for further processing.


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  2. Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, Current Edition, AABB, Bethesda, Maryland, USA