Policy: Allocating Components by Testing Results Performed at Multiple Sites


Medinfo Hematos IIG software allows current completed results from one HMC hospital blood bank to be used at other HMC hospital blood banks to allocate of blood components.  If the results at the testing are acceptable by our criteria, then they can be used at any HMC site.  This facilitates release of blood when a patient is moved from one location to another, e.g. QRI to HGH.  All allocation rules (including historical) will still apply regardless of the site.


  1. If pretransfusion testing has been completed at one site, blood components may be allocated at any other HMC site based on first site’s results.
  2. All rules for allocation apply at every HMC site, regardless of where the allocation and testing are done.
  3. Send the sample from the originating site to the current site where allocation is being done.
  4. Results from non-HMC hospital blood banks MUST NOT be used for allocating results:  repeat all compatibility testing at an HMC hospital blood bank site.


Medinfo Hematos IIG internal settings