Work with me

I am open to proposals for remote consulting, on-site locum, and possibly longer term commitment if mutually agreeable.

I provide the following areas of integrated expertise:

  • Design, implementation, validation, and maintenance of blood bank software, including non-turnkey solutions
  • Solutions for pathogen-inactivation with or without platelet additive solution, either free-standing or integrated into blood bank software
  • Consultative services for international staff (medical and technical) with reference sites for automated component processing, pathogen-inactivation, platelet additive solution, instrument interfaces
  • Consultative services for complex immunohematology problems, both technical and medical decision making
  • Guidance for achieving College of American Pathologists CAP and AABB accreditations for blood banks, donor centers, and general laboratory
  • Design and implementation of plasma self-sufficiency and/or local fractionation industry

Interested? Send me a message here.

Or download my brochure [PDF] for more details.