About me

I am a physician (MD, FCAP, FASCP) with multiple decades of medical and technical expertise in international transfusion medicine. My unique blend of skills includes donor, patient, therapeutic apheresis, and blood bank IT (information technology). I have also administrated disaster planning, the design of blood donor centers, and hospital transfusion services. Having worked in multiple countries, it has been my philosophy to start with an international framework (e.g. FDA, CE) and localize it for the country’s particular needs.

In response to the current pandemic, I established the COVID-19 convalescent plasma collection and processing program at HMC Qatar within a two-week period in March, 2020. The computer processes were built in Medinfo.

My operation sites have served as reference sites for combined IT and medical/technical processes, with visitors and students from all over the world. 

Over a nine-year period at HMC, I prepared and implemented over 200 interim policies and procedures to upgrade donor and patient blood bank/transfusion service processes to comply with international AABB and CE standards. I have prepared plans for external and internal disasters and for extraordinary events (2022 World Cup).

I have also helped various institutions obtain and maintain international accreditations (CAP, AABB) for blood banks, donor centers, hospital computer systems, and general laboratory operations.

I also offer consulting services.

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If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.
–Margaret Fuller