Anti-Jka only reacting with polyspecific reagents

I periodically repost this panel because it is so important not to miss an anti-Jka since it may cause severe hemolysis.  Routinely, I use gamma-heavy-chain-specific antiglobulin AHG reagent;  but to the best of my knowledge, I have not missed an anti-Jka.  In this case, there were nonspecific reactions in the panels—many panels were performed with inconclusive results.  As a last resort, I used a polyspecific AHG reagent and found the antibody.  I have only encountered two such antibodies in many years of practice in the Middle East.

My advice:  if you have only nonspecific reactions with multiple panels and suspect hemolysis, I would do a polyspecific AHG panel to look for this.  Be sure to include HOMOZYGOUS Jka+ and Jkb+ cells.

I want to thank Mr. Stephen Fuentes, SBB(ASCP) for his handling of this workup.