Donor Recruitment and Campaigns Process

5.0.1 PROCESS:  Donor Recruitment and Campaigns


  1. Company or organization contacts Coordinator, Donor Recruitment to schedule donation OR:
  2. Coordinator, Donor Recruitment contacts companies or organizations to schedule donations.
  3. The Coordinator, Donor Affairs, is responsible for all recruitment activities:
    1. Serves as initial contact point for organizations and companies desiring to have a donor campaign.
    2. Schedules donor campaigns in advance, arranges for emergency collections as needed.
    3. Assigns donor recruitment staff to visit and inspect prospective donation sites.
    4. Arranges logistics of resources for donor campaigns (personnel, equipment, vehicles, supplies)
    5. Coordinates with HMC Public Relations and the media
    6. Prepares news media to encourage donation
  4. All contacts and schedules are entered into Hematos IIG.
  5. Donor recruitment materials are left at donation site to encourage donation and provide means for donors to schedule their donations during the campaign.
  6. Donor recruitment staff prepare the donation site at time of donation.
  7. Donation processes are conducted in accordance to policies, processes, and procedures for registration, donor questionnaire, physical examination, and collection.
  8. Hematos IIG is accessed by either wireless connection (VPN) or off-line data dump to check donor against donor deferral database.
  9. Blood is stored at suitable temperatures at collection site and in transit back to Donor Center.
  10. Campaign blood components and specimens are received in Donor Center and transferred for further processing and testing.


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