Donor Recruitment and Campaigns Policy

5.0 Donor Recruitment and Campaigns Policy


  1. All policies, processes, and procedures must comply with local, national, and applicable international accreditation standards (i.e. AABB, CAP, ISO, and JCI).
  2. All recruitment information must be entered into Hematos IIG.
  3. The Coordinator, Donor Affairs, is responsible for all recruitment activities.
  4. Donor recruitment staff will visit scheduled donation sites in advance and assess their suitability and prepare them for use before the start of each campaign.
  5. Donor recruitment materials and announcements will be left at each location during the inspection visit.
  6. Collected blood will be stored at room temperature during the collection on-site and transported back to the Donor Center in suitable validated containers to maintain storage at desirable temperature.
  7. The processes and procedures for normal donation, e.g. registration, donor questionnaire, physical examination, and collection apply.


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