Basic Hematology Fellowship Rotation in Transfusion Medicine


  1. Donor Center
    1. Donor eligibility criteria
    2. Whole blood collection
    3. Donor apheresis (platelets, plasma, dual-RBC)
    4. Donor reactions
  2. Therapeutic Apheresis
    1. Plasma exchange
    2. Leukocyte reduction—stem cell collection
    3. Reductive thrombapheresis
    4. RBC exchange
    5. Column-absorption procedures including phototherapy
  3. Component Preparation
    1. Preparation and release issues
  4. Transfusion Service:
    1. Blood component therapy
    2. RBC blood groups
    3. Compatibility Testing
    4. Antibody Identification and clinical significance
    5. Transfusion reactions
    6. Direct antiglobulin test clinical significance
    7. Drug-related hemolysis


TMS Donor and Transfusion Services

Conducted by:  Head, TMS, and senior TMS technical staff


Discussion of topics with TMS Head and written final examination

Source Materials:

  1. Technical Manual, AABB
  2. Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, AABB
  3. Apheresis, Principles and Practice, AABB

This is a full-time, one-month rotation—attendance in mandatory.  Vacations should NOT be taken during this rotation.

Originally Prepared for NGHA Riyadh 31/3/09

Reviewed 26/8/20