Projective Assessment 4

As a transfusion medicine physician, I must know if I can trust my staff’s interpretation of immunohematology testing.  I may be called at night and they will provide me with results and I must use these to make a medical judgment.  If their interpretation is flawed, I might make a decision that harms the patient.

I really don’t like multiple-choice questions, but nowadays this is often the norm.  For my staff, especially senior staff and those who want to be promoted to senior staff, I have developed a series of projective exercises to help me understand their thought processes.

Here is another exercise, usually given to base medical technologists.  I have the staff review this panel and tell me to interpret it:

You just can’t solve this without the enzyme panel.  Will the staff member ask for this?  Will he note that the one cell reacting is homozygous for E?  Will he ask for extended antigen typing (the patient is R1R1)?