Processes and Software Building 38: Component Processing Overview

As with each major area of Transfusion Medicine, a current state is captured.  From this, a future state overview is then developed.

At this time, the client should study his current state and the future state and see how he can bolster the critical control points and build them into the processes.

In this series of posts, we will consider:

  1. Component production by Reveos automated component processing
  2. Component production by Atreus automated component processing—replaced by Reveos
  3. Manual component processing
  4. RBC leukodepletion
  5. Platelet pooling
  6. Mirasol pathogen inactivation for platelets and plasma
  7. Platelet production with platelet additive solution PAS
  8. Cryoprecipitate and cryo-poor plasma production
  9. Labelling

The example of current and future state shown is what Medinfo and I built for HMC Doha:

To Be Continued