User Acceptance Testing

When a new software version was introduced in my system, first the vendor did a preliminary round of testing before submitting it to my Medinfo-Laboratory Information System team for validation.  I then prepared a training session for the Super Users and assigned them validation tasks.  When the validation was completed and accepted by me, then the software was submitted to the Hospital Information System HIS department, which conducted its own final acceptance training.  Following this, transfusion medicine staff were trained before the new software went live.

This is a sample user acceptance training document, which was prepared by Medinfo and myself and submitted to HIS for the upgrade from Version 3.8 to 5.0.  The patient module is shown.

The Medinfo Super Users performed the script while the HIS Quality Team viewed the actual output.  Notice for each Action step there is the Expected Result.

The evaluation for each step was recorded as part of this long and wide spreadsheet: