Policy: ISBT Component Label Usage


Blood components will only receive final ISBT labels for the purpose of transfusion upon completion of the production processes specific for that component and will be specifically prepared by the Medinfo Hematos IIG software in accordance to Council of Europe CE Standards.

An improper label, be it for the wrong unit, or improper designation can have catastrophic results to the recipient.  This is why this is such a CONTROLLED process under Medinfo Hematos IIG.  There are label-printing softwares available that do not follow these rules, but I consider them dangerous to use since these safeguards are not enforce—they are NOT permitted here.


  1. The formatting of ISBT labels is addressed in the Interim Policy: ISBT Labels (a previous post).
  2. The selection of the ISBT E codes will be made by the Division Head, Transfusion Medicine and Laboratory Information Systems.
  3. Blood component labels, either final or in-process are ISBT-specific and may only be generated by the Hematos IIG computer system.
  4. The ISBT specimen are generated at the time of donor registration.
    1. ISBT specimen labels are of limited number and cannot be reprinted by operational staff.
      1. Reprinting is only allowed by Transfusion LIS with approval of the Division Head, Transfusion Medicine/Laboratory Information System
  5. Final ISBT blood component labels may only be attached at the successful completion of component processing according to the HIIG workflow processes specific for each component.
  6. ISBT labels are also generated and attached after component modification (washing, irradiating, aliquoting, pooling) in accordance with the respective HIIG workflow processes.
    1. Multiple modifications may be performed before the final ISBT label is generated by HIIG.
  7. No modifications of the HIIG-generated ISBT labels is permitted.
  8. No manual corrections or attachment of additional, non-ISBT labels is permitted.
  9. During computer down-times, manual (non-ISBT) labels may be generated internally and will be replaced by the formal ISBT label using Manual Stock Entry after resumption of HIIG.
  10. For solvent-detergent-treated plasma SDP (e.g. Octaplas), the following applies:
    1. SDP (Octaplus) ISBT labels are prepared and attached by the manufacturer Octapharma during the manufacturing process and will be used/read as such.
    2. Thawed SDP will receive a new ISBT label at the time of thawing.


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