Base Medical Technologist Assessment Examination


I prepared this exam for base transfusion service technologists and candidates. For prospective new staff, I would be more lenient and use it as a projective exercise in the potential abilities. However, for staff working one year in my blood bank, I expected a higher score. Each and every problem is based on issues they would actually encounter at work–nothing esoteric.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the blood type in each of the following results:
Anti-AAnti-BA1 cellsB cellsType?  
  4+  0  0  3+ 
  0  4+  3+  0 
ABO Typing Problems
  1. You are signing out a unit of FFP, Group A Pos, Unit #23556 for Mohd Ahmad Ali Al Harbi, MRN# 729887 in Ward 21.  The nurse comes with the requisition to pick up the thawed unit.  The requisition says to pick up the thawed FFP for Mohd Ali Ahmad Al Harbi, MRN# 728987 in Ward 21.  Can you release the unit?  Explain.
  1. The antibody screen and crossmatch results are shown on the following IgG Coombs card (Biorad):

The reactions I-II-III are the antibody screen results.  Note the crossmatches # 91 and 98.  Which one(s) is/are compatible?

  1. The following are actual ABO/D typing results with the Diamed (Biorad) reagents.  What are the ABO/D types?
  1. The Blood Bank is severely short of AB packed cells and AB plasma.  What other blood types can you safely issue?

Request for AB packed RBCs:  Permissible substitutions are:

Request for AB plasma:  Permissible substitutions are:

  1. A specimen for crossmatching is drawn at 7:30 a.m. on 26/10/20.  When does it expire?
  1. Emergency blood, group O positive is issued for a 30 year-old male victim of a traffic accident.  You receive the specimen and complete the crossmatching.  You find the unit is incompatible.  What do you do?
  2. A patient has anti-C antibody.  How do select the appropriate type of blood to give?  Select any or all that apply:
    1. First crossmatch the requested number of units, then if compatible, release them.
    2. First crossmatch the requested number of units, then antigen type them for “C”, release only the ones that are C-negative.
    3. First screen for C-negative units, then crossmatch and release compatible units.
    4. None of the above
  3. Evaluate the attached antibody screening and panel results:

37 year old pregnant female, no previous history:

26 year old G3P3 pregnant female in labor, O-positive, no previous transfusion or antibody history: