Selection of Components for ABO-Incompatible Renal Transplants


Kidneys have strong expression of ABO type and must be matched the same way as RBC components.  In the case of ABO-incompatible renal transplants, we must not give significant amounts of plasma incompatible to the ABO type of the donor kidney.  Plasma must also be compatible with the patient’s ABO type for RBC transfusions.  The amount of residual plasma in PRBCs is limited since we use an additive solution SAGM.  Likewise, platelet components are suspended in platelet additive solution with only minimal residual plasma.  Cryoprecipitate has only minimal plasma and is given without regard to the patient’s ABO type.


  1. RBC components:  Use ABO-compatible RBCs in SAGM.  DO NOT USE WHOLE BLOOD!!
  2. Platelet components in platelet additive solution PAS (normally available component):  Any ABO type may be given
  3. Platelet components in plasma:  Only group AB platelets may be used.
  4. Plasma (any type FFP, FP24, solvent-detergent treated, or thawed):  Only group AB plasma may be used
  5. Cryoprecipitate:  Any ABO type including mixed types may be used, mixed types are preferable to neutralize the minimal ABO-incompatible plasma.


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