Policy: ABO-Incompatible Plasma for Infants


HMC Blood Donor Center used platelets (buffy coat pools) and/or apheresis-derived suspended in PAS (platelet additive solution).  In each platelet pool or apheresis platelet, less than 35 ml (average < 20%) of the original plasma. This was much less than would remain if volume-reduced platelets had been prepared by centrifugation. Furthermore, the platelets would NOT be traumatized by the centrifugation.


  1. For neonates (< 4 months old) and infants (<20 kg), we will give preference to use plasma-compatible platelet and plasma type.
  2. In any case, PAS-suspended platelets will be used with little residual plasma (far less than if we had centrifuged them).
  3. In the rare event that plasma-compatible platelet types are not available, the transfusion medicine physician must approve the release.


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