Sample Resident Examination for Donor Center

Reading Assignments:

  • Chapters 5-9:  Blood Donation and Collection in Technical Manual, 16th Edition
  • Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, AABB, 25th Edition

Study Questions:

  1. Which of the following candidates is acceptable for donation?
    1. Saudi, visited Sudan 11 months ago as part of National Guard exchange
    2. Saudi former student lived in UK for 2 years from 1993-95
    3. Normotensive taking amlodipine and valsartan
    4. Psoriatic using Tegison
    5. Male adult using ibuprofen for lower back pain
    6. Female 4 weeks post-partum
    7. Husband of patient with recent onset of hepatitis B infection
    8. Male stopped taking ampicillin one week ago for acute pharyngitis
    9. Donor with WBC count 12000/cmm but otherwise normal
  2. Which of the following donors is suitable for autologous donation?
    1. Cataract surgery patient
    2. Well, but had gastroenteritis 3 days ago
    3. Pregnant with Hgb 11 g/dl
    4. CGL patient with Hgb 13 g/dl
    5. Hodgkin’s disease patient Hgb 12 for exploratory laparotomy
    6. Patient with rare antibody anti-Tja, Hgb 13 for cholecystecomy
  3. How do you handle the following events?
    1. Donor draw fills bag with bright red blood in 30 seconds
    2. Donor faints when needle is shown
    3. Lipemic serum during donor plateletpheresis session
    4. Donor with numbness and tingling of extremities during donor apheresis session
  4. How would you handle the following therapeutic phlebotomy requests?
    1. Hgb 22 g/dl, suspected polycythemia rubra vera
    2. Hgb 13, suspected hemochromatosis patient
    3. Hgb 16, renal failure patient post-erythropoietin treatment
    4. Unstable angina, Hgb 9
  5. What is the final volume of each of the following blood components?
    1. Whole blood
    2. Packed RBCs—state hematocrit as well
    3. Washed RBCs
    4. Irradiated packed cells
    5. Platelet pool—state number of platelets
    6. FFP
    7. Cryo-poor plasma
    8. Cryoprecipitate
  6. What are the outdates of each of the following components?
    1. Packed RBCs
    2. Platelet pool
    3. FFP frozen at -35C
    4. Granulocyte concentrate
  7. Which donor units are acceptable for transfusion?
    1. HBsAg negative, HBcAb positive, HBsAb > 20 IU/liter
    2. HCV Ab positive, RIBA-3 negative, HCV-RNA negative
    3. Syphilis positive, FTA-ABS negative