Processes and Software Building 40: Reveos Detailed Settings

A major advantage in using a specific blood bank computer software is to enforce the Good Manufacturing Processes.  Medinfo is merciless:  there are no exceptions without authorization and that is restricted by the security policies.

The following tables show the values established at HMC Doha during my tenure.  These values were recommended by the Terumo BCT Reveos engineer after his direct, hands-on set-up of the equipment.

The minimum and maximum volumes for platelets are specifically designed to work for pooling the buffy coats before Mirasol pathogen inactivation.  There are different settings for platelets suspended in plasma versus those suspended in platelet additive solution PAS.

Similarly, there are specific volume ranges for plasma so that pathogen inactivation can be performed according to Terumo BCT recommendations.

To Be Continued:  4/9/20