Processes and Software Building: Updated Convalescent COVID-19 Plasma Production

After the initial manual setup of the CCP program, the Medinfo process was set up.  The following workflow shows the production of CCP from the raw apheresis collection, including division into aliquots based on the total volume.  The plasma volumes were kept within the range for riboflavin pathogen inactivation (Mirasol).

The usual safeguards for production were also in effect for CCP.  The product could not be labelled without all criteria (donor screening, collection, marker testing) being met.  Furthermore, the inter-depot and transfusion service processes still applied.  However, all steps were done in quarantine at a location separate from the regular processes.  Also, the actual ordering and release of CCP was restricted to the quarantine hospital blood bank site.

The following outline the production process:

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