Overview: Inter-Depot Transfer and Allocation of Blood Components

While I was working in Qatar, this was the overall process for transfer and allocation of blood components. Once they were finally labelled (only possible if all criteria had been meet), they were transferred from the Blood Donor Center BDC to Hamad General Hospital Blood Bank, from which they were distributed to all hospital blood banks in Qatar. Similarly, units could be transferred between the various hospital blood banks.

One could track components as being in:

  1. BDC
  2. Transit BDC to HGHBB
  3. HGHBB inventory
  4. Transit HGHBB to another hospital blood bank
  5. Transit between any two hospital blood banks

An inventory manifest would be printed to show all transferred units.

For patient use, allocation rules applied which would determine if an electronic or a full antiglobulin-phase crossmatch could be used and whether specific antigen-matched components were required.

There were also separate rules for emergency release if the standard criteria could not be met.