Policy: Interdepot Transfer

Enumeration:  5.9


  1. All transfers of blood components will be done through the dedicated blood bank computer system Medinfo Hematos IIG.
  2. Only units passing all donation criteria including testing and processing will be eligible for transfer.
  3. Each unit must have a final ISBT label attached.
  4. Quarantined units will be discarded through Medinfo at the blood processing site.
  5. Units will be transferred in temperature controlled and monitored, validated containers.
  6. Upon receipt, the ABO forward and D type of the transferred RBC units will be repeated at the first hospital blood bank.
  7. Subsequent transfers between hospital blood banks do not require repeat ABO/D typings.
  8. Each unit will be inspected for leaks and physical appearance (e.g. clots, leaks, discoloration).
  9. Only units whose temperature monitoring passes criteria for transit shall be used.
  10. The specific transfer algorithms will be programmed into the Hematos IIG software.
  11. All variances will be reviewed by the supervisor and a transfusion medicine physician.
  12. All policies, processes, and procedures must comply with Qatari, HMC, and applicable accreditation standards (i.e. AABB, CAP, and JCI).


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