Building Donor Center Processes: Donation Type and Bag Parameters

At the time of registration, the type of donation must be specified.  In my last position, this could include whole blood for automated Reveos, whole blood for cryoprecipitate, plasmapheresis, COVID 19 convalescent plasmapheresis, plateletpheresis, concurrent platelet and plasmapheresis, concurrent platelet, plasma, and RBC apheresis, RBC apheresis-one unit, and RBC apheresis-2 units.

There is also a specimen-only donation without actual collection that includes database check, assignment of an ISBT specimen number, donor questionnaire, physical examination, and specimen collection only..

We specified which bag or kit could be used for each type of donation so when it was selected, only that bag type would be accepted by Medinfo

For each of these types we must specify what type of donation is permitted:  volunteer, autologous, or directed.

Finally, we must indicate the maximum length of the procedure permitted.  This applied to whole blood only and we set this at 15 minutes—this is user definable.

The following are a sample set of parameter settings for the above:

Note how we included contingencies for old bag sets and equipment (that we later discontinued) and for granulocyte collection (which we did not actually perform).

To Be Continued: