Building Processes for the Blood Donor Center: Donor Collection and Screening Current and Future States

This is a first is a series of detailed posts of how I collaborated with Medinfo (Nice, France) to build customized donor software for both Saudi National Guard Health Services and Hamad Medical Corporation Doha.

In particular, we were using a non-turnkey software which could be built to order.  If we didn’t know what we were currently doing, how could we build something better?

At both sites, we had good manual systems in effect and prepared detailed mapping of the current state.  We reviewed our variance reports to see where we needed to bolster the system and improve the critical control points (page 2).

We studied the software options and prepared a draft Medinfo future state (page 3), from which we started to build the system.  We did this in small stages so we could test it and adjust our settings as needed—without being charged extra (unlike a general laboratory software I had been working with at the same time).

To do this, I engaged early a team of my most computer-literate staff to work as Super Users.  In the Donor Center, this consisted of nurses and technologists.

We then prepared a Medinfo flow chart overview from this:

To Be Continued: