Allocation Rules for Platelets and Plasma

Medinfo Hematos IIG software is rules-based so the institution may set its own custom rules for all processes.  One chooses a framework and then adds any additional rules it needs for optimization.  Turnkey systems do not offer this flexibility.

The rules for platelet and plasma components are much simpler than those for RBCs since usually we only consider ABO type.  There are two modes:  regular and emergency, the latter applying if not all the patient testing (including historical checking) is available.  The components, on the other hand, must meet all criteria before being considered for patient use.

Please note that any donor with antibodies is automatically excluded from plasma and platelet production based on our donor testing criteria.

Example rules for plasma follow:

For platelets, note that for adults and anyone else >= 20 kg, I gave any type of platelet pool or plateletpheresis component without regard to ABO matching.  With our production method, I did not give Rh immunoprophylaxis to females of child-bearing age receiving platelets from D-positive donors based on our clean (essentially RBC-free) Reveos automated production process.

For platelets, there were also different allocation rules for regular and emergency mode:

Similarly, allocation rules for granulocytes, etc. can be made and enforced by the software.  Low-B-titer group A universal plasma would also be easy to implement.