Process: Donor Collection

Process:  Donor Collection

Zeyd Merenkov, MD, FCAP, FASCP

Independent Consultant in Transfusion Medicine



  1. Donors must pass and complete all previous processes in the donor workflow (registration, questionnaire, and physical examination) before the collection process begins.
  2. The donor is positively identified by a designated picture ID and Hematos donor consent form with specimen/encounter number and barcode.
  3. Donor staff checks and prepares a suitable vein
  4. Donor staff collects/labels specimens and the whole blood or apheresis components AT THE DONOR’S BEDSIDE.
  5. Donor reactions are assessed and treated as they occur.
  6. Donors are observed in a post-donation area and given post-donation instructions before discharge.
  7. All processes are documented in Hematos IIG.
  8. Donor units and specimens are sent to component processing and donor marker testing.
  9. The collection workstation and equipment are cleaned before starting a new donor collection.


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