How I Select Technologist Candidates for Work or Promotion

As a transfusion medicine physician, I must know if I can trust my staff’s interpretation of immunohematology testing.  I may be called at night and they will provide me with results and I must use these to make a medical judgment.  If their interpretation is flawed, I might make a decision that harms the patient.

I really don’t like multiple-choice questions, but nowadays this is often the norm.  For my staff, especially senior staff and those who want to be promoted to senior staff, I have developed a series of projective exercises to help me understand their thought processes. I also used this approach on prospective candidates for hire.

Here is a sample exercise.  I have the candidate or staff review this panel and tell me to interpret it:

Most of them answer that this is an anti-Cw without hesitation.  However, they are basing that on only one Cw-positive cell.

More astute ones indicate it might be anti-Cw but ask to test additional Cw-positive cells and perform an enzyme panel.  These are the ones that I will consider for hire or promotion now.