Rare Jka Antibody

This is a repost of this rare antibody with a few new additional comments.

This is a rare anti-Jka antibody that only reacts with polyspecific AHG and only in homozygous Jka+ cell.  In the past three decades, I have only seen three of these.

Almost all anti-Jka and anti-Jkb antibodies can be detected using heavy-chain gamma specific AHG.  I prefer to use this reagent since it minimizes interference from cold antibodies.

Whenever you have a nonspecific antibody, never discount the possibility of a Kidd antibody.  Consider doing extended phenotyping and include Jka and Jkb typing and always check for dosage effect.  I have a specific post on my approach to nonspecific antibodies.

Select antibody screening cells including homozygous Jka+ and homozygous Jkb+.  This usually requires a three-cell screen.

Never forget that a negative result only means not-detected.  If there is other evidence for hemolysis, consider performing additional studies.