Universal Low-Titer Group O Whole Blood


Fresh group O whole blood has viable platelets, plasma, and RBCs.  Fresh whole blood may provide better resuscitation than individual components.  It can replace MTP component therapy of separate RBCs, plasma, and platelets.  We will use low ABO-titer whole blood units (here called O universal OU) in selected trauma cases, based on availability.

Testing for low-titer (both low-titer anti-A and anti-B) units is time-consuming and monopolizes the automated immunohematology analyzers.  This is the rate-limiting step.


  1. Stock a limited number of OU whole bloods at the trauma/emergency room sites—based on inventory needs.
  2. Allow up to 2 doses (2 OU units/patient) before reverting to the MTP protocol.
  3. Prepare allocation rules to allow group OU whole blood and group O RBCs to be used for ALL ABO types except Oh, Ah, Bh.
  4. Medinfo Hematos IIG will use the new allocation rules for OU in emergency release situations only.  It will not be allowed for routine use.


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