Specifications for the CCP Blood Bank-Hospital Information System Interface

At HMC Doha, we had a limited bidirectional interface between Medinfo Hematos IIG blood bank software donor and patient modules and the hospital information system HIS Cerner Millennium for blood component and limited blood bank testing ordering and return of the blood component ordering statuses and all blood bank test results.

For the purpose of COVID Convalescent Plasma CCP, the following specifications applied:

  1. Ordering of CCP was either by number of units (average 220 ml each) or volume in ml (up to 200 ml).
    1. Maximum order was 2 units.
  2. Only designated physicians could order CCP.
  3. A valid type and screen (72 hour maximal validity) had to be in effect to place an order for CCP.
    1. If not valid, a new type and screen must be ordered before ordering CCP.
  4. Selection of the ABO type of CCP was at the discretion of blood bank using its standard algorithms.
  5. Status of order (ordered, received in blood bank, in process in blood bank, or released) would show in the HIS.

Note:  Bedside documentation of the component transfusion was the NOT the responsibility of Transfusion Medicine or Medinfo Hematos IIG.