Information to Collect Before Contacting the Transfusion Medicine Physician

The Transfusion Medicine Physician needs certain minimal information to make a medical/clinical assessment and decide what action needs to be taken.


  1. Before contacting the transfusion medicine physician, please obtain the following:
    1. Clinical diagnosis
    2. Transfusion history
    3. Medication history
  2. In the case of transfusion reactions, follow Interim Policy Transfusion Reaction Workup and be certain to include the following information before contacting:
    1. Vital signs (BP, pulse, temperature, respiratory rate) both pre- and post-transfusion
    2. Clinical symptoms (e.g. rash, urticaria, fever, respiratory distress, etc.)
    3. Pre-transfusion DAT if post-transfusion DAT is positive.
    4. Donor Unit DAT and eluate on the post-transfusion specimen if the post-transfusion DAT is positive and pre-transfusion negative.
    5. Eluate on the post-transfusion specimen if both the pre- and post-transfusion DAT are positive.