Off-Line Donor Medinfo Transactions


When you cannot establish a direct link to the live Medinfo program, you must arrange for the local Medinfo engineers to create a local server that will have the current Medinfo donor database for use at outside campaigns where the internet connection cannot be used.  This can also be used if for some reason the Blood Donor Center link is down in order to register donors and check the donor deferral database.


  1. For each outside campaign, there should be a pre-campaign visit to verify the availability of internet to connect to Medinfo.
    1. If the internet connection is working, use Medinfo using the 4G access points.  Otherwise:
    2. If none, inform the Medinfo engineers to prepare a local server on one of the laptops at least ONE DAY in advance of the campaign.
      1. Give Medinfo engineers the laptop to download the database and software.  This will be the offline server for the campaign.
      2. Link the offline server to the other portable computers for the campaign (see the corresponding Medinfo job aid).
      3. Use the local network (offline server and other portable computers) for registering donors.
      4. Upon return to the Blood Donor Center, upload the data.
      5. Continue the regular processes after uploading.

Note:  When the offline data is uploaded into Medinfo main database, it will be checked against the latest donor deferral database.  The latter will be applied for the donation.