Release of COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma CCP


Testing, allocation, release, and transfusion of this special plasma will be similar to normal blood components except that the storage, modification, and release will handled at special quarantine location(s).  Release and modification of components is to be handled separately from the regular hospital blood bank/transfusion service.


CCP:  COVID-19 convalescent plasma

ID:  Infectious Disease Department (clinical COVID19 treatment unit)

QHBBB:  Quarantine hospital blood bank (which stores, thaws, and releases CCP)


  1. Any potential recipient for CCP must have a CURRENT type and screen test (< 72 hours old.)
    1. A repeat type and screen should be ordered every 3 days during the time that CCP may be used.
  2. All CCP orders must be submitted to the ID senior consultant for triage.
  3. If the order is accepted by that authority, then an order and a doctor’s prescription for CCP must be both prepared and submitted to the QHBB.
  4. QHBB will allocate ABO-compatible CCP units and attached blood bank computer-generated release labels and forms to it.
  5. Designated ward staff will pick-up the CCP at the QHBB.
  6. Allow 1 hour for the plasma to be thawed.
  7. Only order when the transfusion is scheduled—1 hour before the intended transfusion date/time.
    1. Sign-out will follow normal procedures, same as other blood components.
    2. Ward staff must provide a doctor’s prescription for CCP and a fully completed request.
    3. Ward staff will directly transport the CCP to the intended transfusion site.  They should immediately transport it to the patient transfusion site.
  8. Transfusion will be performed according to standard procedures:
    1. Positively identify the patient.
    2. Use a standard 180 micron blood filter.
    3. Transfusion should be done as quickly as possible to avoid potency loss
    4. Fill out the transfusion record and return a copy to the QHBB.