Assessment of External Technical Qualifications


The development of Transfusion Medicine will include recruitment of technical staff with external qualifications, often higher or more advanced than current on-site staff who normally would make their competency assessment.  This policy addresses an interim approach to making a fair, unbiased assessment of these highly qualified staff and avoid conflicts.


External Qualifications:  BB(ASCP), SBB(ASCP), MT(ASCP), MLS(ASCP), RT, ART, AIMLS, FIBLS, or equivalent

Designated Assessor:  Supervisor, SBB, Specialist Physician, or other staff designated by the Head, Transfusion Medicine to perform the assessment


This policy applies to all initial (probationary), annual, and all other competency assessments across ALL HMC transfusion services and the Donor Center.


  1. Technical Issues:
    1. All staff with external competencies as defined above will have a special assessment for technical skills if there is not a senior staff member with at least the same or higher technical external qualification (e.g. SBB(ASCP), FIBLS, ART for BB(ASCP), RT, or AIMLS).
    2. Senior staff (e.g. SBBs, specialist physicians at outlying hospitals) other than the direct supervisor may perform this technical evaluation if so designated by the Head, Transfusion Medicine.
    3. The supervisor or other designated assessor will liaise with the Head, Transfusion Medicine to develop this assessment for technical skills.
    4. The final arbiter for the content of the assessment will be the Head, Transfusion Medicine.
    5. All such evaluations will be sent by the designated assessor to the Head, Transfusion Medicine for his review and approval.
    6. NO evaluations will be submitted to Laboratory Administration until they have been reviewed, accepted, and signed (with stamp) by the Head, Transfusion Medicine.
  2. Non-Technical Issues:
    1. Non-technical and administrative skills assessment will continue to be conducted by the Supervisor or Specialist Physician of the corresponding transfusion service.  New staff must become proficient in both technical and non-technical issues as described in the job description.
  3. Utilization for Special Procedures:
    1. The Head, Transfusion Medicine reserves the right to utilize such staff for performing special investigations, (e.g. antibodies and other complex immunohematologic testing) even before their full competency assessments and reviews are complete.
      1. In such situations, the Head, Transfusion Medicine assumes full responsibility for such actions.


Standard 1.1.1. and Section 2, Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, 30th Edition, AABB.