Biologic Product Deviations


Any nonconforming product that is released for patient use must be reported through the official channels.  Since there is no equivalent to the US CBER, this policy outlines the process for the HMC organization, the only provider of blood components for the State of  Qatar.


Nonconforming Blood Component:  Any blood component not meeting the production criteria set in the policies, processes, or procedures of Transfusion Medicine.  Some examples include:

  • Low-volume RBC or FFP/FP24 units
  • Reduced yield platelet units
  • Units made with materials/supplies that have been recalled by the manufacturer
  • Units produced on equipment or tested with reagents that the manufacturer has recalled from use
  • Units contaminated during the production process


  1. Nonconforming components must not be released unless they are reviewed and approved by the Head, Transfusion Medicine.
    1. Full written documentation of the review and the reasons for acceptance must be recorded.
    2. Such acceptance must be exceptional—there must be emergency reasons to resort to using such components.
      1. Minor nonconformances such as units with low volume or reduced platelet levels may be considered for use at times of critical shortage of blood components if they otherwise meet acceptability criteria.
  2. If anyone suspects there has been release of a nonconforming blood component, they should immediately contact the Division Head, Transfusion Medicine.
  3. The Division Head, Transfusion Medicine will conduct an immediate investigation to determine the veracity of the allegation.
  4. If the suspicion is confirmed, the Division Head, Transfusion Medicine will immediately contact the Chairperson, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
  5. The Chairperson in conjunction with Head, Transfusion Medicine, will inform the Medical Director and other senior administrative officials as indicated.
  6. A lookback will be initiated to determine if any patients have received the nonconforming components.
  7. The results of the lookback will be reported to the Chairperson, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and the Medical Director.


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