Blood Supplier Quarantine

This is the process I used at HMC Qatar.  Note that Medinfo would quarantine units directly and block their allocation, reservation, and modification for patients.


The State of Qatar does NOT import blood components.  The sole producer and supplier is the HMC Blood Donor Center BDC.  BDC will block release of quarantined products and contact any private hospitals not using Hematos IIG that have already received said products.


Blood component:  Specific parts derived from whole blood during the manufacturing process:  packed RBCs, platelets, plasma, cryoprecipitate, cryo-poor plasma, reconstituted whole blood

Solvent Detergent-Treated Plasma SDP:  Plasma made from large pools of ABO-identical plasma, treated by solvent-detergent-treated methods for pathogen inactivation (Octaplas purchased from Octapharma AG, Wien Österreich)


  1. If a blood component or SDP is withdrawn from use, the affected components or SDP will be quarantined immediately in Medinfo Hematos IIG to prevent their release.
    1. This immediately blocks its release for patient use or modification at any site using Hematos IIG.
  2. If a component or SDP has already been released to an outside hospital not using Hematos IIG (i.e. prior to the formal notification of quarantine), the Blood Donor Center Supervisor or designate will contact the facility that has received the product and inform them to quarantine the product.
  3. Quarantined units should be returned to the Blood Donor Center.
  4. Documentation of the contact will be made against the component record in Hematos Medinfo IIG in the comment field.
  5. All such cases should be referred to the Division Head, Transfusion Medicine, for review.


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