Processes and Software Building 55: Manual Stock Entry

At times of disaster, it is crucial to know the blood component stock at each location.  In Medinfo, it is very simple and fast (measured in seconds) to display information by location, outdate, type, etc.  It can also enumerate stock in preparation at the component preparation sites.

To manually accomplish this, it took plenty of phone calls and a lot of staff to count units—staff that could be better deployed with handling the emergency.

SOP:  Cumulative Stock Inventory Using Medinfo


The Medinfo HIIG computer system can calculate the inventory of various blood components at any site or within transit dynamically upon request.  THIS IS HIGHLY SENSITIVE INFORMATION THAT HAS NATIONAL SECURITY IMPLICATIONS!!


  1. Access to Cumulative Stock Inventory functionality is restricted to designated staff.
  2. The total number for any search will include stock of a given status (active, quarantine, etc.)
  3. Inventory levels are privileged information for Transfusion Medicine staff for planning and recruiting purposes.
  4. Release of stock levels to non-Transfusion Medicine staff must be approved by the Division Head, Transfusion Medicine, a transfusion medicine consultant, or blood bank supervisory personnel only.
  5. Active stock includes both reserved/allocated and unallocated units.
  6. For queries about specific phenotypes or modified components, stock entry (not cumulative stock entry) function should be used.


  • Sign into HIIG with your user name and password.
  • Select Production Access:

Then select Cumulative Stock Display:

The Display Cumulative Stock Screen will appear:

  • Select your criteria (depot, product, group, qualifications, list, date of entry/production, date range, expiration date).
  • Then press the Search button.
  • Exit the program using the Exit button.

Sample options follow: