Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Apheresis Form

The apheresis nurses provide critical support to critically ill patients by performing various therapeutic procedures, especially plasma exchange. Not only does the nurse have to administer therapy, but he/she must constantly monitor the patient and the parameters of the procedure, including the blood components and IV solutions, medications, and any intra-procedure tests.

It is important that this data is collected in a visually appealing way to maximize pattern recognition and is easy for the nurse to enter the data. He/She does not have the time to flip through several pages to record everything.

The following is example of the TPE form we used at my previous position. I want to thank Dr. Saloua Al Hmissi, Consultant Transfusion Medicine, Ms. Mini Paul, Head Apheresis Nurse, and other apheresis staff for designing this beautiful form.

In my opinion, having a good manual form is the first step to computerizing the process since the design effort ensures the staff know the process thoroughly.