Projective Exercise 8 Solution: D-positive with anti-D

Some Possible Explanations:

Always review the transfusion history of all component types, medication history, and the clinical history!! Start with this first.

  1. Receipt of plasma with anti-D (RhIG, IVIG, etc.)–passive antibodies
  2. Partial D with anti-D:
    1. Partial or mosaic D patient who received D positive RBCs and made anti-D directed against its missing epitopes
  3. Anti-G:
    1. Not all anti-G is anti-C and anti-D:  It is really a separate specificity.  It is possible that anti-G may be made even though the patient is C-positive.
  4. Anti-LW:
    1. However, it is unlikely to show such strong reactions

Can you think of other explanations?