Processes and Software Building 56: RBC Distribution Rules

In Medinfo HIIG, one sets parameters to determine which antigens must be matched to allow a RBC product to be released.  These criteria may include:

Number of and timing of ABO/D typings

Permissible ABO/D substitutions

Emergency release

Required antigen matches

Optional antigen matches

Exact wording of conditional and blocked combinations

For ABO/D typing, a minimum of two typings must be on record for routine release and the last typing done within 72 hours.  If not, emergency release must be selected.  ABO-incompatible selections must be blocked.  For D-negative patients, only D-typed units may be selected.  D-incompatible transfusions will trigger a message to use D-compatible for females <50 years.

Required antigen typings include using antigen-negative for patients having antibodies against the specified antigen, e.g. D-negative RBCs for patients with active anti-D, c-negative for patients with anti-c, K-negative for anti-K, etc.

Certain antibodies will trigger a message to flag the use of unmatched units but not block the release.

The attached document shows sample settings for RBC release.  Note that these rules are user-definable.