Laboratory Software from Hell 1

In my career, I have dealt with many different laboratory software vendors.  Regretfully, not all encounters have been straight-forward. 

Things that bother me:

  • Current state:  whoever prepared it for the client, didn’t care or understand the local processes and came up with a generic:  order it, collect it, receive it, do it, report it for each and every test
  • No training for super users:  more like lambs being led to the slaughter
  • No discussion of options:  pushing client to take the default settings
  • Corrections to build:  only giving one shot to do it right, further corrections cost $$
  • Scenarios:  vendor shows specially crafted scenarios that “work” but when you ask the vendor to do a random, non-scripted scenario, it crashes
  • Scalability:  limited scalability on client’s chosen platform
  • Reference site does not match the test volume or activities of the client, uses different platform, and thus cannot be compared

I will give further examples in upcoming posts.