Processes and Software Building 42: Platelet Pooling

Outside the USA, platelet pools stored at room temperature may be valid for up to 7 days, especially if pathogen-inactivation is used.  The following workflow shows both Mirasol pathogen-inactivated and standard platelets.  The standard platelets are then irradiated.  Both types can be aliquoted.

A major advantage in using a specific blood bank computer software is to enforce the Good Manufacturing Process.  Medinfo is merciless:  there are no exceptions without authorization and that is restricted by the security policies.

In the recent Reveos post, the upper and lower platelet volume specifications were discussed.  The platelets are weighed and the volume is calculated.  If a manual or another method for preparing platelets is used, then the according values can be specified.

To Be Continued:  8/9/20