Review of Product Inserts

This is a policy I made for NGHA Jeddah many years ago but is still useful today.


All technical staff are required to read and understand the manufacturer package inserts that apply to the procedures that they perform.  This policy establishes a means of documenting compliance with this requirement.

Policy Details:

  1. Technical staff are defined as anyone who uses the reagent in the performance of a procedure or process or anyone reviews or supervises that process or procedure.  This includes the supervisor, medical technologists, medical technicians, nurses, phlebotomists, and assistants.
  2. All technical staff are required to read and understand ALL product inserts for each procedure applicable to the section(s) that they work in—apheresis, donor room, component preparation, and/or transfusion service.
  3. If they have any questions about a particular insert, they should refer it to the supervisor, senior technologist (Med Tech 1), or in the latter’s absence, the blood bank medical director/section head.
  4. Each staff member must sign the Manufacturer’s Package Insert Review Form for that particular policy/procedure, including his signature, employee identification number, and date.
  5. Each Manufacturer’s Package Insert Review Form will be retained with a copy of the package insert by the Blood Bank Supervisor in a special file while the material is being used and for at least five (5) years after a new or revised manufacturer package insert is applicable.
  6. A new Manufacturer’s Package Insert Review Form should be used for each revision of the insert.

Insert Review Form

Type of Insert:  New  Revised
Product Name:
Date of Insert:

I have read this insert and understand its contents and accept responsibility for following its instructions and directions.

Staff Name & Badge #–PRINT!SignatureDate