Processes and Software Building 36: Donor Nucleic Acid Testing

In Medinfo, criteria for donor screening may be based on one test (e.g. Hgb), a group of tests taken together (HBsAg, HBcAb, HBsAb), or separate sets of donor testing criteria.  Nucleic Acid Testing NAT is considered separate from the EIA, LIA, and Ag tests.  In any case, when there is a combination of both acceptable and deferrable results, the longest deferral is applied as the deferral or contraindication, e.g. a temporary deferral is replaced by a permanent deferral.

Our NAT testing at HMC Doha consisted of a combination combo test.  If this was non-negative, then individual HIV 1-2, HCV, and HBV NAT testing were performed.  For speed, we used single-well testing for each donor.  However, it is very easy to build pooling into the algorithm if that is preferred by the client:

To Be Continued: