Now An Independent Consultant

I am an independent consultant in Transfusion Medicine. Effective 16 April 2020, I am no longer associated with Hamad Medical Corporation or the State of Qatar.

I am willing to consider other opportunities in Transfusion Medicine (donor, patient, apheresis) and blood bank informatics.

Just before leaving HMC, I established the COVID19 convalescent plasma program with full good manufacturing practices using Medinfo Hematos IIG blood bank software.

I have 10 year’s experience in pathogen inactivation and blood component automated production. I established the first site using Terumo Atreus (later Reveos) with Mirasol pathogen inactivation AND platelet additive solution. I established Medinfo interfaces with all production equipment to achieve GMP.

I have worked with laboratory information systems, especially but not limited to blood bank systems (donor, component processing, donor marker testing, pathogen inactivation, platelet additive solutions) and serve as the Head of the Medinfo IIG (Nice, France) Software Users Group.

I was involved with planning for the national plasma fractionation project in Saudi Arabia. I have worked with this industry while I was practicing in the United States.

It is my philosophy to start with an international framework (e.g.FDA, CE) and localize it for the country’s particular needs. My operation sites have served as international reference sites for combined IT and medical/technical processes.

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