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Nonspecific Reactions due to Reagents Near Expiration Date

This is an updated version of a previous post. Whenever I had a “nonspecific” antibody, I had to first rule out issues with the reagents themselves. The following example shows weak to 2+ reactions in the panel cells and autocontrol. The variability in the reactions made me initially uncomfortable about called this WAIHA. I then […]

Operational Effects of the COVID Pandemic–My Experience in Qatar

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed new challenges to our system.  In general, these could be divided into: Decreased donors COVID vaccine effects Decreased available staff Shortages of supplies More demands on donor apheresis staff—CCP More demands on donor processing staff—CCP More demands on hospital transfusion service/blood bank staff—CCP There were fewer donors in the early phase […]

Rare Jka Antibody

This is a repost of this rare antibody with a few new additional comments. This is a rare anti-Jka antibody that only reacts with polyspecific AHG and only in homozygous Jka+ cell.  In the past three decades, I have only seen three of these. Almost all anti-Jka and anti-Jkb antibodies can be detected using heavy-chain […]

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