Nonspecific Reactions due to Reagents Near Expiration Date

This is an updated version of a previous post. Whenever I had a “nonspecific” antibody, I had to first rule out issues with the reagents themselves. The following example shows weak to 2+ reactions in the panel cells and autocontrol. The variability in the reactions made me initially uncomfortable about called this WAIHA. I then […]

Operational Effects of the COVID Pandemic–My Experience in Qatar

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed new challenges to our system.  In general, these could be divided into: Decreased donors COVID vaccine effects Decreased available staff Shortages of supplies More demands on donor apheresis staff—CCP More demands on donor processing staff—CCP More demands on hospital transfusion service/blood bank staff—CCP There were fewer donors in the early phase […]

Rare Jka Antibody

This is a repost of this rare antibody with a few new additional comments. This is a rare anti-Jka antibody that only reacts with polyspecific AHG and only in homozygous Jka+ cell.  In the past three decades, I have only seen three of these. Almost all anti-Jka and anti-Jkb antibodies can be detected using heavy-chain […]

Updated COVID-19 Donor Eligibility Requirements

Principle: This policy is based on the 19/1/21 CBER document Updated Information for Blood Establishments Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic and Blood Donation. Policy: There is no COVID-19 laboratory testing requirement for routine blood donor screening. Donors must be in good health and meet all blood donor eligibility criteria on the day of donation. The blood establishment’s […]

Physician Comments in Medinfo

Principle: There are several different types of comments in HIIG: Donor Global Patient Global Analytical Comments Result Comments Physicians may enter any of these comment types.  Comments may be entered before or after a test is authorized/verified.  If entered after authorization, the test must be modified to accept the comment.  Only result comments are visible […]

Comments in Medinfo Hematos IIG

This post is the policy for using comments in Medinfo software.  A subsequent post will show the process of entering comments. Principle: There are several different types of comments in HIIG: Donor Global Patient Global Analytical Comments Result Comments Contraindication Comments Global Comments appear on the first main screen of either the donor or patient […]

Documenting Physician Review of Abnormal Results

International accreditation standards require physician review of certain abnormal results such as transfusion reaction and antibody workups.  This post describes how such review is documented in Medinfo Hematos IIG dedicated blood bank software. In general there are three main ways to do this: User ID associated with each transaction Comments against results, analysis, or globally […]

Transfusion Medicine Lectures for Pediatric Fellows

In my time at the Saudi National Guard Health Affairs and at HMC Qatar, I offered the pediatric fellows a series of lectures of 1-2 hours duration.  The following list has been updated to cover current topics of interest, including COVID-19 convalescent plasma. Transfusing blood components for physicians—what do you need to know Recognizing and […]


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